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Ad Sales: Commision Based, High percentages.
We are building the highest ranked and largest group of interconnected website directories
in the world that are dedicated to Manufacturing, Travel, Retail and the food Industries. And in
2021 we expanded into Fan clubs Websites covering Pro Sports and Schools (Universities & Colleges)


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Welcome to our websites. In 2000 we started using the "i Love" theme. We now have over 500 plus websites and other multimedia dedicated to Travel and Adventure with cities, towns, and places. In 2000 we also added Manufacturing and in 2021 we expanded into Fan Clubs covering Pro Sports and Higher Education websites.
E ach website is linked to the others giving you fast access to all the information that you are looking for.
Our search engine rankings are some of the highest in the industry. We get thousands of visitors daily on
all of our city websites... For more information or about advertising please link here

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Travel and Retail Industries.
All 50 U.S. States plus Territories - Hundreds of city websites




Ad Sales for the Manufacturing and Machine Tool Industries
Wanted: People who have worked or have experence in the industry

Your Guide to Machine Shop Products, Shops and Services

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